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09-15 CTS-V Billet Aluminum Subframe Bushings

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Creative Steel’s subframe bushings are made of 6061 bullet aluminum and then anodized red. Our CTS-V Subframe / cradle bushings completely replace the OEM rubber bushings.  The OEM bushings are very soft which make them ideal for isolating vibrations and road noise but do a poor job at eliminating movement. They were installed by the factory to make your Cadillac drive and feel like a Cadillac. As designed, the OEM bushings control side-to-side movement of the cradle when the car is going around corners (the “cradle” is what all of the rear suspension components connect to, then the cradle is bolted to the body of the car). The factory bushings have air gaps fore and aft and these air gaps allow the four bushings to deflect under hard acceleration, in turn adding to excessive movement and the existence of wheel hop.

Anodized red