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Header Wrap and Wire Heat Shield Kit

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Wrap the headers of your car to keep under-hood temps down, and while you’re at it, protect those wires or bleeder lines from heat damage with a DEI heat sleeve.

The header/exhaust wrap is DEI’s new Titanium Wrap which doesn’t need to be wet to install, and won’t leave your hands and arms itchy like the fiberglass alternative.  Kit includes two 50′ rolls, locking ties, and a tie tool.  This exhaust wrap is rated for 1800*F of Direct Heat resistance, and 2500*F of rated heat.

The wire/hose sleeve opens and closes easily with a full length velcro strip to make install a breeze.

Choose the Aluminum heat sleeve for 500*F radiant heat protection. or upgrade to the gold sleeve for 800*F radiant heat protection.

Combo includes:

2 x –  2″x50′ DEI Exhaust Wrap

1 x – Locking Tie Tool + Locking Ties

1 x – 3′ DEI HeatShroud for the alternator wire or hoses in Gold